Travel To Go Members Discuss The Reasons Why Hotel Guests Keep Complaining

Travel To Go members believe that one of the most important jobs of all of the employees at a hotel is to deal with guest complaints. A hotel may have teams that are in place to handle complaints, but every employee should be able to handle some of the common complaints of guests suggest the members of the Complaints Reduction Team.

Many employees will go home and tell others about the different complaints that they have dealt with. They may wonder why it seems that the guests keep complaining about the same thing mention the members of Travel To Go. There are some very basic reasons why this happens in some hotels.

  • Employees receive the complaints from hotel guests but they do not listen to them. When this happens, the problem the guest is dealing with is either not fixed at all or is not fixed in a way that makes the guest happy.
  • Employees do not ask the guest what they need – Even if they listen to the complaint, they do not find out how the guest expects it to be resolved. This is often the reason the resolution does not satisfy the guest.
  • They do not follow up on the complaint. – A smart hotel will follow up on every guest complaint to make sure that the problem was resolved.
  • They think each complaint is a unique event – Most of the complaints that are made in hotels are happening to more than the one guest that is voicing their complaint. Travel To Go members advice that hotel needs to look at every complaint and figure out why it happened and how it can be prevented from happening in the future.
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Travel To Go Offers Helpful Tips To Tourists Traveling To ‘The Land Of Endless Summers, Dominican Republic

Travel To Go members say that the Dominican Islands are also known as the Land of Endless Summers, all because of its dazzling green landscapes, mountain range studded with waterfalls and traditional cuisine that can satisfy the appetite of the food loving tourist.

Travel To Go Complaints Reduction Team advises the US citizens, to carry their passports to enter the Dominican Republic and they need to pay their visa fees of $10 on arrival. It is also advisable for the visitors to the Dominican Republic not to drink tap water as it is not consumable and they may end up with health complications, so it is better that they only drink bottled and filtered water. Tourists should also carry a good mosquito’s repellent, containing DEET to prevent from being bitten by insects carrying Dengue Fever.

Travel To Go members acknowledge the fact to the worldwide travelers that they can book into world-class resorts in the Dominican Republic as this place offers abundance of fun activities that are guaranteed to thrill even the most critical traveler. Making your reservations in advance helps you get into good flights, accommodating deals and you can also get big discounts when you reserve both these under a single itinerary.

Travel To Go recommends tourists to prepare their travel budget, as it is always best to carry some petty cash that can help them to pay for the bare necessities. But tourists should avoid carrying all their money as cash as it is not safe and this is the reason that even the most experienced travelers prefer to use Traveler’s Check which can be redeemed for cash at major hotels and at banks.

Travel To Go members state that to ensure a healthy trip to the Dominican Republic tourists need to take a little extra precautions. For the required vaccinations it is best that they consult a doctor before they start of on their Dominican holiday at least four to eight weeks before their scheduled vacation time. This is because some vaccinations require a few weeks between doses so it is important that you allow enough time for them to be completed.

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Travel To Go Associates Hit The Sandy Beaches Of Miami

According to Travel To Go members, the South Beach of Miami is its quintessential hot spot as right from shopping to partying, Miami Beach is well known for being a trendy locality. Travel To Go members especially don’t need deep pockets to enjoy a holiday in Miami as this is one city that you can even enjoy on a budget but you need to plan and book in advance as this will give you more time to spare for enjoyment and fun.

Tourists have always adored the sweet tranquil beaches, the sun tans and the beach volleyball games with other traveling groups at Miami. The beach is not the only thing wonderful, the water sports including snorkeling, diving and swimming among the beautiful fishes on top of the corals has always astounded   .

Travel To Go Complaints Reduction Team recommend the family vacationers to spend a day exploring and discovering the unique zoo animals of Miami, which is home to about 2000 animals living in open air and indoor exhibits living in their natural habitats and offering a real safari feel to it.

This is one of the first free range zoos that are cage-less, where the animals are grouped according to their geographical location and this surely helps to educate the young minds. Travel To Go members usually enjoy trekking through its Asian exhibits while visiting the Asian Otter, Komodo Dragons and Bengal Tigers.

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Travel To Go Find Travel To Be The Perfect Escape Plan From Their Daily Lives

Travel To Go recommends thrill-seekers to enjoy a backpacking trip to experience the beauty of nature and it rugged terrains. Travel is a fantastic form of escapism as through it you can enjoy a new destination and experience cultures you never dreamed existed. Steeping out in rugged terrains or wandering through its wilderness leaves an impression in the adventurer’s memory and creates a sensation making him come alive again.

Travel To Go Complaints Management Team says that most people think that it is impossible to travel on a tight budget but the real fact is you sure can enjoy and experience the natural outdoors even on a very small budget. Backpacking is the best way of traveling, exploring and enjoying the wonders of nature without breaking your budget. You can book on cheap flights and keep an eye out for the most affordable backpacking deals.

Travel To Go members say that adventures can even enjoy a backpacking adventure for just a week or two and get to see plenty of stunning sights. However, before you set out on your backpacking adventure you sure need a perfect plan that highlights the things you think are more important. Moreover, getting your budget sorted out is extremely crucial and this doesn’t at all mean only saving a little money as you should have enough to handle unexpected situations.

Travel To Go advise backpackers that carrying the right backpacking gear is the key element in enjoying a successful backpacking trip. Moreover, this doesn’t at all mean stuffing your bags with everything you can possibly fill in. It is important to have a good quality backpack, some strong shoes and a safe place to keep all your documents.

Travel To Go says that whatever form of travel experience you enjoy one thing is for sure you will definitely find something just perfect for you among the long list of travel destinations in America. The most rewarding thing about traveling to Mexico is that there sure is a perfect destination for all and you just need to find it.

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Travel To Go Members Alert You To Protect Yourself From Pickpockets In Airports

Travel To Go members say that if you want to have a good trip while traveling, you need to make sure that you get it off to a good start. The airport is where many trips begin and there are plenty of issues that travelers can face. Long lines to get through security, weather delays and overbooked planes are out of the traveler’s control. Becoming the victim of a pickpocket is something that will ruin a trip, but it is something a traveler can control.

Pickpockets work in airports because there are many good targets there remind the members of Travel To Go Complaints Reduction Team. There are many people who leave their valuables in places that are easy to be reached by a pickpocket. It is also easy to distract a traveler in an airport so a pickpocket can ply their trade. If a pickpocket is successful a traveler can be left without money, credit cards and ID. It is one way to ruin a trip fast, but there are some ways that a traveler can defend themselves from a pickpocket.

  • Don’t put your wallet in an obvious place. Put it somewhere that is difficult to get to.
  • Carry a fake wallet. Put a fake wallet that contains nothing in the obvious places where pickpockets look. They will end up with nothing if they target you.
  • Pay attention to your surroundings. The airport can be distracting, boring and tiring, but it is best if you pay attention to your things at all times.
  • Check your bags before you leave the airport. Make sure that nothing has been lost during your trip. If something is missing, report it immediately.
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Training Employees to Deal with Guest Complaints

When a new hotel employee is hired, they should go through some type of training program. Much of the training should focus on the job that the employee will perform. If they are part of the housekeeping staff they need to know how the hotel expects them to clean the rooms. Learning the basic functions of the different jobs in a hotel is one part of training, but it is not eh only training that all employees need to get.

The Travel to Go complaint prevention team needs to make sure they teach all employees some of the basics of dealing with guest complaints. These basic include:

  • Do not take it personally – If a guest is complaining and is rude to an employee, they should not take it as a personal attack. The employee needs to remain calm and focus on the problem the guest is having and not the way the guest is presenting the problem.
  • Listen to the guest – This is the most important part of the training. If an employee listens to the guest, they can find out what the problem is and then can start to work on a solution.
  • Know where to turn – Not all of the employees will have the power to fix a guest’s problem. If a complaint of a guest is not something that an employee can fix, they should know where to turn to help the guest resolve their complaint. They should also make sure that the guest is taken to that person and not just told where to go.

It is not just the job of the complaint management team to ensure satisfied customers, but it isn an ongoing process that all employees should be trained to follow. These are some of the basics that all employees should know how to do.

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Travel To Go Complaint Reduction Team – Can There Ever be too Few Complaints?

Travel To Go Complaint reduction team puts a lot of effort into reducing the number of complaints that the guests of the resort or hotel have. They look for problems that can occur and take steps to improve the way the hotel operates. If they do the right things, the number of things for a guest to complain about will be reduced. That is usually a good thing.

Travel To Go Complaint reduction team knows there can be times when a reduction in guest complaints is not a good thing. It is important that a hotel that notices reduced complaints looks at the reasons for the reduction and makes sure it is for doing the right things and not for doing something wrong.

  • If complaints are reduced because there are fewer guests, that is not a good thing. The reduction in guest might have something to do with how complaints were handled in the past. There could still be issues that need to be resolved.
  • If complaints are being ignored or not recorded, that I not a good thing. The number of complaints can be reduced if no one pays attention to the guests that are complaining. It will cause people to look for another place to stay.
  • If people are complaining on the internet, it may not be noticed. Many people have turned to the internet to register their complaints. The Travel To Go Complaint needs to monitor the internet for this type of complaint and take care of any issues they discover. Complaints on the internet could hurt a hotel or resort’s reputation.
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Travel To Go Complaints Reduction Team Discusses the Cost of Not Reducing Complaints

Travel To Go Complaints Reduction Team knows that hotels have a few choices when they are dealing with customer complaints. The choices that they make will play a large role in how successful the hotel or resort is. If the hotel makes the right choices, they will have plenty of happy guests with very few complaints. If they make the wrong choices, they could be faced with much larger problems.

Ignore the Problem

The first choice that a hotel can make is to ignore the problem. The complaints reduction team knows that this is the wrong choice. Ignoring a complaint will not make it go away. The complaint will only get louder and affect more guests, which will mean problems for the hotel in the future.

Resolve the complaint

It is important to resolve any complaint that a guest has. The only way to have happy guests is to make sure that the issue they are complaining about is fixed. This may require a lot of work by the Travel To Go Complaints Resolution Team. It may also cost the hotel a free night’s stay or some other complimentary benefit to appease the guest.

Reducing the Complaints

Travel To Go Complaints Resolution Team acknowledges that resolving the guest’s complaint is important, but it is not the most important thing that has to be done. If the cause of the complaint is not found and resolved, there will be more guests in the future who will have the same complaint. The cost of not completing this step is very difficult to measure. One thing that is certain, though. If the issue is not corrected, the cost will continue to grow in the future.

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Travel To Go Complaints Prevention Department Answers Who are the Members of the Prevention Department in a Hotel

Travel To Go Complaints Prevention Department understands that the guests at a hotel or resort are familiar with many of the different staff that is required to keep the hotel or resort running. They recognize that the front desk staff check in and out the guests and also are the people who the guest will interact with when they have questions. They know that the housekeeping staff will be the ones that clean the rooms and the maintenance staff will keep the hotel running. These are basic jobs that people understand.

One of the roles that most guests do not know about is the Travel To Go Complaints Prevention Department in the hotel. The members of this department are not as noticeable, but they are a very important part of the success of the hotel or resort. The guest may ask who the members of this squad are. The answer is really simple. All of the staff of the hotel is part of the Travel To Go Complaints Prevention Department.

The role of this department is the reason that everyone in the hotel is part of the team.

  • Notice potential problems before a guest can complain about them.
  • Recognize a guest that is having a problem and either resolve their problem or get another staff member that can resolve the problem.
  • Follow up to make sure any guest that has had a problem is now happy.

When the staff of the hotel all knows how to do these things, problems do not get to turn into guest complaints and the prevention department has done their job.

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Travel To Go Complaints Prevention Squad Takes Care of Complaints

Travel To Go complaints prevention squad knows that if a hotel wants to succeed, they need to make sure that their guests are happy. The goal of a hotel is for every guest to have a good stay and not have anything to complaint about. It may or may not be a realistic goal. While the goal should be no customer complaints, the reality is that there will be some guest that complains and when that happens, it is up to the complaint awareness squad to step in and handle the issue.

The members of this squad usually have some characteristics that allow them to easily handle customer complaints.

  • They do not take complaints personally. A guest is usually complaining about something that is wrong at the hotel. The staff that is dealing with it should realize that the complaint is not about them, but about a situation that occurred. It makes it easier to step back and listen to the guest.
  • They can take control – If a guest is complaining, the Travel To Go complaint awareness squad needs to be able to take control of the situation. That will allow them to resolve the complaint and make everyone happy.
  • They can stay calm – No matter how loud the complaint is, this team member will not raise their voice. Travel To Go complaints prevention squad knows that a calm demeanor allows them to take care of the problem instead of dealing with everything else.
  • They are decisive – They can assess the situation and come up with a resolution quickly. The faster a complaint is dealt with the happier that everyone will be.
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